HI! I’m Tracy Kay, CEO & Founder of Corporate Conversion™ and Creator of Corporate Client Breakthrough™, an exclusive program that supports high-achieving coaches and consultants to get off the feast or famine income and lead generation roller coaster and add six-figures to their business by landing lucrative corporate clients.

After selling $3.3 million dollars in investments for a national bank, within the first three months on the job, I won national awards, beating out colleagues with 20 years seniority.  Soon after, I had the opportunity to move to Switzerland.    Quickly discovering that as a foreigner (who didn’t speak the language) going back to work in corporate wasn’t an option.  So I taught AP Economics at a private boarding school during the day, English to adult professionals at night and lectured at the University twice a week.  This was crazy making and still not enough income, so I started my own consulting and communication business on the side. 

Once I started landing international companies as clients,  I was able to quit ALL of my teaching jobs to put my full focus on my business.  

The mentors and business-building advice I found ONLY seemed to focus on how to attract individual “consumer” clients and not high-paying corporate and B2B clients.  So I had to slog through trial and error to figure it all out on my own.  

That’s when I created my proprietary Corporate Client Breakthrough™ system that bridges proven business growth strategy with your creative spirit.  The results for myself and my clients are astounding.  Now I support the most amazing creative entrepreneurs (coaches, interior designers, speakers, storytellers and copywriters) to grow their business by working with larger organizations, government agencies and universities, while connecting deeply to their Purpose and embodying their Calling.  I created this company because I don’t want them to have to go through the struggle that I did. 

As a lover of culture and travel,  I’ve lived on three continents and traveled to over 30 countries (and counting), and bring that curiosity and sense of adventure to the coaching work I do.

My writing has appeared in the Amazon best-selling book “The Gratitude Project” and in national print publications including Swiss News and ETAS magazines as well as in regional publications.

In my free time, I can be found traveling with my husband (before Covid-19),  gardening and raising our siamese cat, Mossimo and the tabby, Leo.